Ross Welton - Training Diary Week One


Ross Welton - Training Diary Week One

Ross has started his training and his countdown to the RAAM in 2017. In British tradition the weather was wet and windy, quite the contrast from the Arizonan and Utah desert Ross will face in June 2017 during the race.

First week of training "It had to happen, you can't delay the inevitable - pedalling"

So, its official. I started working this week with top Coach and ex-Scottish National Road Champ Gary Hand. What has this meant for me? Intensity! I am used to plenty of hours in the saddle but straight away I have been cut down from about 20 hours a week to more like 12 hours.

The key difference straight of the bat, is the level of intensity and accuracy of this intensity. Long gone are my beloved junk miles sitting in the saddle for hours at a time! Key sessions this week have been an FTP (Functional Threshold Power) test or otherwise known amongst us cyclists the suffer-fest. Further to this I have been doing blocks of lower cadence intervals (to strengthen my noodle legs) and a longer aerobic efficiency session. All in all - happy days so far.

I am looking forward to next week where the focus switches to the importance of my bike fit, as my knee and back are not right at the moment, and the key sessions will be based around a weekend training camp in Scotland with Coach and his crew. I am really looking forward to riding with some 'proper' cyclists!! Highlight of my first week has been the revelation of using genuinely great kit, therefore not having to wrap up in hundreds of layers!! Great kit = less layers, that and also looking sharp!

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