Ross Welton - Training Diary Week Two


Ross Welton - Training Diary Week Two

Week two saw Ross head up to Scotland for a weekend of training with his coach and his cycling squad. Lots of cycling, work in the gym, stunning scenery and a high speed crash!

Week 2 - Ups and down, literally and metaphorically!

A real week of highs and lows, luckily the highs were way higher than the lows! Some solid sessions during the week focusing on strength endurance, building up the 'noodle legs' for the task ahead. So far so good on these and hitting all the numbers I need to at this time of year and staying on track. The key sessions for this week were always planned to be a key weekend of riding up in Scotland with Coach Gary and his squad of 'hitters' up in the absolutely stunning Trosachs region of Scotland. Friday started with a train journey, some great stories from an Edinburgh cab driver on the journey up and an arrival in October sunshine in Falkirk for the start of the fun and games...

It's been a long time since I have been in a gym, yes a gym, one of those buildings with lumps in that you pick up, put down, step on, jump down, roll on etc - what an introduction. Strength work is going to be absolutely key to success in RAAM and Gary took me through a very specific, bespoke workout to make sure I am doing it in the right way before letting me loose on it in the next few weeks - so get ready for some beach-body-tastic pics in due course.... ok well maybe not, but I should be slightly stronger than a kitten going forwards!

Saturday was a spectacular 100mile ride with an awesome bunch - great change for me to ride in a full-on Peloton of 24 guys. The riding is just incredible, seriously! Having been lucky enough to ride in many countries this was as good as any ride for scenery, great climbs, and cracking weather - who knew!! Saturday night saw some impressive performances too.....(not from me the total lightweight). Sunday was more of the same, a bit more climbing with some awesome structure to it - pushing real low cadence and getting that strength in the pins. Sadly, the ride ended for me after 87km after a 44kph crash! Incredibly lucky nothing is broken, possible damage to some tendons but me and the bike are remarkably ok - better now than next year, so hopefully that's my bad luck out the way. First thing I thought when I crashed was 'ah man hope my Zappi kit isn't shredded'!! No idea how but I am shredded but the kit is still in one piece, happy days!! All in all, great bunch of lads, incredible riding and coaching - couldn't ask for more. Important now to see how the recovery goes for their next few days and then fingers crossed I will be able to get on the Turbo as soon as possible. Check out the video highlights here:

Massive thanks to Espresso Cycle Coaching for letting me tag along and especially to Gary and Laura who took me in, treated me like a King (fine dining a la Laura) and nursed me like a sparrow with a broken wing! Cheers guys.

For sure I will be back North of the Border as soon as I can.

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