Ross Welton - Training Diary Week Six


Ross Welton - Training Diary Week Six

When you think hard is hard, then you find out hard isn't hard enough but find out that real hard is hard!

This week has been a cracker! The focus for training has been to build some real deep strength through a combination of 'hard' and heavy weights in the gym and then work out on the road using a big gear for some 50 and 80 cadence intervals.

So the reason for the catchy title to this blog came from the realisation, mainly in the gym, that I thought I was pushing 'hard' weights. However, when Coach told me to 'go real heavy' this week I actually realised I could go way way way harder and in fact I had really just been tickling the weight stack. So, this was a real breakthrough – the only problem being, now I had found out what working hard really is and how much you can really push, this new level of hard is well…..really hard and it sticks in the legs for a long time!!

The weekend is always the chance to start getting those longer sessions in. Mother Nature is not always prepared to play ball, I cant really be to whingey as it has stayed fairly dry, just getting pretty cold now. Massive shout out to Zappi as I'm amazed I'm still only wearing two layers – that's when you know that winter jacket is the business! Saturday was an early start and the roads were sketchy so I pegged the first two hours in the garage before getting straight out on the road for the four more I needed, working the climbs with some 50rpm grinding! By the time I finished I had done some solid work and was feeling it. I may have slightly had to collapse on the doorstep….

Sunday was a shorter ride, just 3.5hrs, but the key in here was a 90 minute interval at 80rpm in zone 3 – rather unpleasant but great to get that in the locker before then getting home and eating everything and anything I could find!

A cracking week and really pleased with my progress. The coming week is a touch easier before heading back up to Scotland at the weekend for another few days with the Espresso Cycle Coaching 'mob' and a chance to get some awesome drone footage, stay tuned……

What is Ross wearing?

Ross is wearing the Winter Jacket

Ross is wearing the Gilet

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