Ross Welton - Training Diary Week Seven


Ross Welton - Training Diary Week Seven

Near Spills and a False Sense of Security

Another cracking week of training under the belt. Again, the focus has been on a combination of strength and low cadence work combined with plenty of recovery early in the week to soak in all of last week's work.

The plan for this week was always to set the weekend up as the key sessions of the week as I was lucky enough to be heading North of the Border again for another few days with Coach Gary. The first session was a 6hr ride in two parts. Session one included two 45 minute intervals with some solid watts keeping the cadence at around 80. The new element here for me was doing this session as a small group of four rolling 'through and off' keeping the power where it needed to be. Really fun, solid work. Sadly, there was a spill in my group, so close to the end of the session, and as Ronnie fell in front of me I thought 'here we go again'. I managed to stay up somehow but poor Ronnie got my front wheel square in the face. Really nasty incident but luckily it looks like no long-term damage!! The rest of the day was great riding through fantastic rolling hills with a great group in 2degrees and falling temperatures.

The second day was BRUTAL, absolutely BRUTAL. It started with a gym session under the eagle-eye of Coach and we really pushed the weight, way passed where I have been able to go so far, this year. With this in the bag it was then straight on to the Turbo. The plan had been to get a long ride in but the roads were just too icy. No excuses, Gary was not phased he was confident he could get a stress on my body that a 5hr ride could give in just 2: that means pain. I don't think I Heaver ever worked that hard with such tired legs as that session. I was sweating as if it was an Alpine climb but actually out on the decking in 2degrees again. That's hard yards. I would never have said I could have made it through a session like that. Having a Coach is a game-changer. You can do stuff you just didn't think possible and you have to do it because they are watching!! In my case, literally.

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