Ross Welton - Training Diary Week Five


Ross Welton - Training Diary Week Five

Hard Work and Plenty of Rest

One of the things I am finding hardest about the transition from 'triathlete' to 'cyclist' is the level of rest time! It makes perfect sense – work hard, push heavy, recover, make gains! For me though, having spent years constantly training, with little recovery time this is a big shift – but it's working!!

This week has been a combination of heavier weights in the gym (one mans heavy is another's tin of beans!), recovery to absorb the load, specific low cadence long intervals and one longer ride.

Having looked forward all week to getting out on the roads, true to form the weekend was a challenge. I got my 5 hours in on Saturday which was an exceptionally cold affair but great to be out working on some 50 cadence hill work. Sunday on the other hand was a different story. We were away for the weekend on the East Coast and a colossal storm hit on Saturday night. Flooding, trees down, power cuts – the works. Fortunately, like a good boy scout I had my turbo in the car just in case. Always interesting when you set yourself up in the garden of a friend to make sure you get the training in whilst the smell of bacon sandwiches and normality drift by….got the job done though helped massively by my new Coach Lukey!

This week will see the volume start to increase and an increase in weight in the gym too – lets see what the weather has in store for us….

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