Ross Welton - Training Diary Week Eight


Ross Welton - Training Diary Week Eight

So This Is The New Norm

Another successful week on the training front. I was going to say things have been pretty tough in terms of load and intensity but lets be honest this is the new norm! I have spent years working at long rides of a certain intensity as that was what I thought was needed. However, under the new regime, there is a great deal of work at a much higher intensity and I am really noticing the benefits. I'm actually starting to feel like a, dare I say, a cyclist!!

Some solid work on the Turbo and more gym work during the week in the run in to the key weekend sessions. Saturday had a 3.5hr ride with two one-hour intervals which were certainly enough to more than tickle, followed by a legs session in the gym. Sunday was great to be back to the bread and butter of a 6hr ride focusing on a higher cadence and being sure to ride as much as possible, none of this free-wheeling malarkey. Conditions were absolutely peachy for a December weekend, couldn't have been better really. As per usual my timings were a little off and I was looping round the houses to get to 6hrs. If you haven't already been following the UltraRusty Facebook page get involved and this weeks long ride video is up and includes some pretty impressive singing….

With only just over a week to a trip to Tenerife for some warm winter miles, I'm already looking forward to getting into the bib shorts and summer jersey and rocking the #bemorezappi look!

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