Racing Team - First week in Calpe


Racing Team - First week in Calpe

On Thursday we arrived to our new Zappi home in the Altea Hills overlooking Calpe. After a calm overnight ferry from Portsmouth to Bilboa, there was a 7 hour drive, with each stop you could feel the difference in temperature, the trend was upwards – the first few days have been comfortable in shorts, perfect.

Driving up to the house was slightly depressing to say the least, a solid 15 minute burg maxing at 25% will be a killer at the end of a long day in the saddle, I'm sure. However the views from this place certainly make up for it.

The first few days have just been settling in really. We got our kit, had a wander round Altea and were given our rooms, which went well… being the two smallest on the team; James Davey and I would be given the double bed to share!
All the guys here are great, its nice having a few days in a relaxed environment to get to know them and discover our ranks in the table tennis battles!

So far the rides have been easy, just a couple of hours exploring. We have already seen several top pro teams, BMC and CCC to name a couple, it seems the perfect place for cycling. Only 20km from us, the Col De Rates which is a lovely climb with a fair reason to climb up it..

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