Zappi Ambassador - Ross Welton

We're delighted to announce a kit sponsor partnership with Ross Welton, in his solo attempt at the RAAM (Ride Across America) Race in June 2017.

Ross comes from an impressive history in triathlon and Ultraman races, in which the latter he secured his qualification for the RAAM back in August. Ross won the gruelling 520km three-day triathlon by an incredible one hour and fifty mi...


Born in Italy: the story that inspired the Mondo 2 jersey

To a young teenager, who harbours dreams of pursuing a career in the professional peloton, the hills and mountains of the north eastern Italian province of Varese are a rich playground in which to hone one's skills. Situated midway between the city of Milano, the chic capital of Lombardia, and the picturesque lakes of Como and Maggiore, Varese has been the home to many famous cyclists over the years. Alfredo Binda, born in the municipality of Cittiglio, who dominated the sport in the 1920'...


"A retro jersey with modern performance" - Cycling Weekly's review of the Mondo 2 long sleeve jersey

It may look like the tracksuit top of an eastern European football team from the 1970s, but if this is the look you want to go for, then the Zappi Mondo 2 long sleeve jersey is tricky to fault.

Designed in Britain and made in Italy,...

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