Flavio Zappi talks about his friend and former rider Charlie Quarterman

Hi guys, what fantastic news!

We are so proud that Charlie Quarterman has made it into the Leopard Conti Pro team at just 18 years old. Only a few years ago since I remember him riding alongside me and learning the basics from me. He quickly learnt the tactics along with training harder then everyone else in his age group. He enjoys windy, wet and Belgium style conditions and terrain, where his absolute power can do a lot of damage. He is dedicated and intelligent and maybe his only...


Ross Welton - Training Diary Week Eight

So This Is The New Norm

Another successful week on the training front. I was going to say things have been pretty tough in terms of load and intensity but lets be honest this is the new norm! I have spent years working at long rides of a certain intensity as that was what I thought was needed. However, under the new regime, there is a great deal of wor...


Ross Welton - Training Diary Week Seven

Near Spills and a False Sense of Security

Another cracking week of training under the belt. Again, the focus has been on a combination of strength and low cadence work combined with plenty of recovery early in the week to soak in all of last week's work.

The plan for this week was always to set the weekend up as the key sessions of the week as I was lucky enough to be heading North of ...

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