About Zappi

The Zappi range is for performance cyclists who are looking for high quality cycle wear that's designed out of deep experience of racing, sportives, and adventure cycling.

We have selected fabrics, cuts and stitching that provide the best available technology and design for performance riding. Our jerseys are not going to win races for you, but they will, we hope, instil confidence, energy and heart into your riding!

Our visual language comes straight from the heart of Italian road racing heritage, checking on the many unsung heroes, characters and villains that are part of the rich Italian cycling folklore. The guys who on the big races, won the hearts of fans (as well as beautiful girls) but were in the bathroom when fortune knocked on the door. As we go on developing new designs, we will draw from the storybook of Italian racing, the passion, the romance, the grit, the skulduggery, the laughter and the tears that have been shed in the name of The Road.


If you do your research, you'll find that our founder Flavio Zappi, is very much one of these passing folk heroes.

Family, friends, and fans of old remember how a boy from Varese rose through the ranks of Italian road racing, his brave wins, and near-wins in the Giro, the Milan-San Remo, and Paris-Roubaix. Some will remember how he narrowly missed out on being part of the Italian World Championship team of 1981 Some will remember how his rebellious and independent spirit led him to marry an English girl and ended up racing as an independent rider without professional contract. Those who know him in Britain, know him for his racing, the unique club he leads in Oxford, and for developing young British talent in the Zappi Race Team.


All of the profits from this venture will be channelled into supporting the Zappi Race Team and other worthy racing projects that give young riders a chance to achieve their dreams of racing at the highest levels in Europe.

Over the past five years, the Zappi Race team, led by Flavio Zappi, has given opportunities to predominantly British U-23 riders to race at the highest levels in Europe. With Flavio's vast racing experience, his passion, and a bare-bones budget, he has built a strong team that competes at the highest levels in the UK, Italy, Belgium, Portugal and Spain.

We are now looking to take this grand adventure to the next level by scaling up the Zappi Race Team. Every time you buy Zappi kit, the money we make will go directly into fuelling the development of young riders with the physical gift, race craft and determination to give it a go at the highest level.

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